We bring the best brands worldwide to Austria

Only the best products

We are always looking for the best products worldwide. If you know a product that fits the Austrian market, just contact us.

Standardized testing process

Not all products are equally suitable for the D-A-CH market, therefore 9 out of 10 are discontinued after a while. Based on our many years of experience in the Austrian market, we develop an adapted "route-to-market strategy" for each new brand. Thereby we work closely with market research companies and buyers.

The best placement

We are an alliance of friends with many years of experience in the consumer goods sector. Therefore we are in regular contact with over 50 key accounts in the D-A-CH region and know the decision makers personally. But we also work with smaller local retailers. Based on our strategy we can help brands or startups to enter the market efficiently.

Our partners

Austrian Food Broker
+43 664 819 4901

Austrian Food Broker
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